Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your music for my
– Non-commercial Podcast – Yeap! Just remember to credit me in there.
– Youtube video – Yeap! Credit me either in the video description or the video itself.
– Twitch streaming – Yes! Credit me during the stream.
– Tabletop gaming sessions – Go ahead! A mention would be appreciated.
– Non-commercial indie video Game – Yes! Give me a heads up and remember to credit me in there.
All commercial products and advertisements (TV ads, radio, etc.) – Please send me an email and we can discuss licensing. The usual rate for a non-exclusive license is 30USD per track.

[The music title] by The Seventh Midnight (

Where else can I use your music?
Personal uses. Private events and gatherings like birthday parties, weddings, bridal showers, house parties, sharing it with your friends, college events, study sessions, etc. as long as it is not a public event or for commercial uses like mall events, commercial products, advertisements, etc.

How do I download your music track?
Become my Patron in The Galaxy Tier on Patreon and get access to all of my music downloads in high-quality wav. form and at the same time support my channel! The Shooting Star tier has access to all mp3. files of my music as well!

What DAW are you using?
Logic Pro X

Is your music Copyright Free?
No. All of my music is Copyrighted.

Can you make me a piece of custom music?
For personal non-commercial commissions, you can refer to this document.
For commercial projects, it is on a case-by-case basis.

Send me an email with the information and your budget. Let me know how long you want the duration of the track to be (ie., 3-5 seconds? 2 minutes?), as well as how complex it is, because the more instruments are involved, the longer it takes to polish and work on the details. If you are not sure, it’s okay, we can discuss and work something out.