Hey there!

I’m Kian, the composer behind The Seventh Midnight channel. The Youtube channel started during the time when I was looking to find an outlet to stretch my creative muscles, create a more immersive experience for the D&D games that I am a part of and contribute to the TRPG community.

I composed my first piece of music when I was twelve on the Electone, called it A Thousand Birds (Chidori), and played it to my friends. The positive response I received has motivated me to continue composing until today, and I love making music. Shortly after I have graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a Master’s in Music Composition for Film & Media in 2015, I worked in a music production studio, The Factory MS. We produced a lot of music for local animation series, our own IP, and films. The reigns of creative freedom have been given back to me after my time with the studio, and the limitless potential of creativity frees me for more challenging endeavours. I aim to keep making music that connects to people in ways that words can’t, as well as gathering a community of like-minded people who enjoy fantasy and adventuring like me!